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Gorilla EmailList to Skype Converter

(Convert email addresses in an MS Excel/.TXT file to Corresponding Skype Ids)


Gorilla Email2Skype is a downloadable software to which if a list of email addressess are given as input, the skype ids of all those people / organizations associated with those email addresses will be given as output which can be saved into a .txt or .csv MS Excel file.




To get new customers to your business, you have to first purchase the email list of your target audience from us (OR from anywhere else), along with the Email2Skype software.


For example, if you are a medical transcription company in india looking for getting outsourced work from doctors in USA, first you have to purchase the email list of "Doctors & Physicians in USA" and then feed the list to the email2skype software to get thousands of sky ids of doctors in USA.


Then you can add them to your skype account as friend and chat with them and makret your products / services.


We also sell various email lists of around 28 countries and 234 categories for just $50 - Click Here To View Sample Email Lists


Our entire email list collection (42 GB Data) along with Gorilla Email2Skype software will be a great asset for you for your outbound marketing needs whatever be the type of your business.