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In today's highly competitive technological environment it is important to provide affordable high-quality solutions to your customers. You can significantly grow your business and increase your revenue when you integrate, bundle or private-label GorillaContact software products which basically is useful for any small businesses, to provide additional value with your own products or services.


Full technical support to your clients can be given by our expert team through the private labelled ticket system. You only have to concentrate on the marketing and donot need to worry about the technical aspects of the software.


GorillaContact Email Marketing Software 2.0 (Main Window)



Following Software Products developed by exar software research pvt ltd are available for Private label / White label / Rebranding for qualified potential franchise partners.

There is no any initial investment required from your side.

Sell at ANY price and give us a small royalty fees per sale.



GorillaContact Desktop Email Marketer 2.0 GorillaContact Web Email Marketer & Autoresponder 2.0 Boxxer Leads Extractor 2.0
Downloadable windows based software to create, send and track unlimited bulk emails. Suggested Retail price range $97 to $129 one time fee. Browser based software to create, send and track unlimited bulk emails. Suggested Retail price range $15 to $99 per month recurring Windows Based Lead Generation Software to extract contact details of businesses and individuals from internet, based on given keywords and geographical locations. Suggested Retail price range $79 to $129 one time fee.


*The softwares are available for private label as it is.

Any custom development or modifications in the softwares is chargable at the rate of $16/Hour per programmer and $12/Hour for designer.

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Q) How are these software products different from other private label rights / white label softwares?

A) These are enterprise class softwares developed by a team of over 45 staff of exar software reseearch pvt ltdduring the years 2010-2016 which has being sold commercially to over 3600 clients from all over the world. If you download 30 days free trial of these softwares, you can understand how advanced each of these products are. We not only do private label, but also sell these softwares by ourself. Each of these products has been modified over years according to the customer feedback and has become highly converting products over the past 6 years.


Q) I only know to market the softwares. How do i get the technical support for these products?

A) We can give technical support to your clients through ticket system. Moreover we are available for chat for 8 hours a day from monday to friday. Once you purchase the private label rights, we give you access to our chat system (8/5), email and phone. We aim at long term relationship with each of our private label partners. It is our need to ensure that you succeed in your business because, we succeed only if you succeed.


Q) How much time is required to get my private label / white label software ?

A) Approximately 48 hours are required to compile the source code and build the executable program for the desktop email marketer and boxxer leads extractor. Gorilla Web Email Marketer can be installed in your website within 6 hours.


Q) How long have you been in business. Tell me a brief description about your company?

A) Exar software research pvt ltd was established in year 2009 as a company limited by shares under government of india companys act 1956. These products were developed at our development center at infopark, koratty, thrissur, kerala with over 45 permanent staff, 16 freelancers and over 4 partner companies during the years 2010 till 2016 august. We have been exporting these products mainly to USA since then.


Q) Will i get training for selling these products and succeeding in my business?

A) Yes. After purchase of private label solution, you will be given skype id of our CEO with whom you can interact and tell every problem you experience in your business. With our experience of past 7 years selling these products, we know the challenges in selling these products better than any one. We can definiitly help you whenever you take decisions regarding the way you are selling it, marketing, advertising , accounting , legal , and other apsects of business.


Q) What special benefit do I get when i go for Gorilla email marekting private label?

A) Answer to this question is the pricing benefit. If you closely examine the price which we sell our products to our private label partners, you can observe that , it is much lower than the standard retail price at which thse products are being sold by our competetors and other big email marketing companies. When you buy Gorilla Private Label Softwares, you gets special privilege to sell it at very low price than the industry standard pricing. Means , more conversion rates for your business and more sales per each visitor to your website.